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the name that was given to me by my teacher

Badia at Kasbah


adia also known as Bridggett Bess is not only a Middle Eastern Dance artist, she is and actress that holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Professional Theatre (Acting and directing). Currently Badia is located in Sacramento California and performs throughout the Northern California region in showcases, upscale special events and is a featured house dancer at the beautiful and atmospheric Kasbah Lounge located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. In addition to performing Badia also enjoys producing theatrical shows, and independent films.

My style is hard to describe. I guess you can say that I am a highly innovative creative entity that follows no rules! I strive to be true to my soul and spirit as an artist. I believe in bringing quality and integrity to bellydance and the stage at all times! Oh, and I can't forget I love to have fun fun fun!!


odette is one of the only authentic Egyptian belly dance teacher in Sacramento California, when she performed as a youth she was known as "Camilia of Jordan". It is such an honor to be named after the Legendary Badia Masabini, the Queen of all Dancers. Badia Masabni was Jodette's Idol. I have been performing since I was in elementary shows doing talent shows and plays. In 2000 was the first time I ever dabbled in the art of Belly dance. I had seen a Prince video with a belly dancer, and immediately I knew that this was the dance for me! I took classes in North Carolina and had a live performance with "Shadows of Fire Troupe". I moved abroad after receiving my BFA in professional theatre. After returning to the states, I lived in New York where I continued to work on music and live performance acts.

In 2007 I moved to Sacramento California and discovered a hidden Egyptian treasure...Jodette. For the past 3 years I have trained professionally in the styles of Baladi, Zills, Candelabra, Drum Solo, and Sword Dance.

In 2011 while working on expanding my shimmy skills, I discovered a second treasure in the Sacramento Valley, Fatima!


atima is one of the Middle Eastern Dance World’s most prominent vendors, dancers and teachers, and is always up to something! She often is touring the both the country and the world, selling merchandise from Fatima's Bazaar and teaching the ways of Egyptian dance.

My 2012 has been an exciting year, with competions, haflas, and another installment of Farasha Storm, I can't wait for what's next!

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