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Book Badia for Your Next Event

Badia on stage

Bellydance is a great way to add excitement and unique flair to your next event!

    Suggested Occasions:

  • Birthday, Engagement or Anniversary Parties
  • Bridal Showers and Weddings
  • Corporate Events/Fundraisers
  • Theme or Holiday Parties

Single Set

$250 – $300 (10-25 minutes)

This is a short performance of between 10-15 minutes, this is also a great option for audiences who may not be familiar with bellydance or have limited time at their event.

Full Routine

$300 – $400 (30-45 minutes)

Traditional bellydance performance comprised of both performance and audience participation. This experience begins with a dramatic entrance using veil and finger cymbals and includes an exciting drum solo designed to get your guests in the mood to dance and join the experience.

Become Farasha (Butterfly)

$350 – $450 (30 – 60 minutes)

Curious about the history and origins of bellydance? Want to learn in a fun group? This is a common option for bridal showers and parties. Let Badia both entertain you, and teach you and your guests how to move like a real Egyptian dancer.



Weddings are tailored experiences for each customer, the use of modern fun and strong traditions can result in an amazing day for the lucky bridal party!

- All prices are estimates and actual rates will vary based on requested options and distance from the greater Sacramento Area
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the name that was given to me by my teacher

Badia at Kasbah


adia also known as Bridggett Bess is not only a Middle Eastern Dance artist, she is and actress that holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Professional Theatre (Acting and directing). Currently Badia is located in Sacramento California and performs throughout the Northern California region in showcases, upscale special events and is a featured house dancer at the beautiful and atmospheric Kasbah Lounge located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. In addition to performing Badia also enjoys producing theatrical shows, and independent films.

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Award Winning Professional Belly Dancer of Sacramento and your HotRaks Instructor

Badia is a professional belly dancer, that competes and performs across California. Badia specializes in a Belly Dance style that is influenced by Classical Egyptian Raqs Sharki and Egyptian Baladi. Recently she used these skills to place 1st runner up at the 23rd Annual Belly Dancer of the Universe. Badia is also a regular performer at the beautiful Kasbah Lounge in downtown Sacramento.

Badia was born an Army Brat raised by an US Army Airborne Father, who has now applied that discipline, tempo and urgency to her Belly Dance practice routines.

After years of learning from skilled Instructors across the US, Badia decided it was time to put her own ideas on display. Accentuating the benefits of repetition and rhythm, mixed with the pace of Modern Arabic music, Badia is able to practice grace balance and dexterity while breaking a health sweat!

The History

Raks Sharki translates as "dance of the East" or "oriental dance"

As civilizations constantly develop and evolve around the globe, people entertain, express emotion and educate. Raks Sharki is a dance of what was originally known as the "Orient", present day Middle East and Northern Africa. It has had many forms and names.

Egypt spawned a beautiful for of dance involving the hips and abdomen, with which women entertained on the streets and in cafes across Northern Africa. Napoleon and his fellow Frenchmen became quite enamored with the local Gawazzee entertainers.

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